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What is Biceps Tendinitis?

Orthopedic specialists define Biceps tendonitis as an inflammation in the upper biceps tendon. This upper biceps tendon helps connect the biceps muscle to the shoulder socket and stabilizes the joint.

In late stages of biceps tendonitis, inflammation causes the tendon to turn a dark red color. Sometimes tendon damage can cause the tendon to tear, whether partially or completely. A complete tear will cause the arm to deform, leading to a “Popeye” bulge in the arm.

Overuse conditions such as Biceps Tendonitis can arise from any repetitive job or activity over a long enough period of time. Athletes who participate in baseball, swimming, tennis, or other sports that accentuate repetitive overhead arm motion, have a higher risk of developing Biceps Tendinitis.

Symptoms of Biceps Tendinitis include pain and weakness in the front of the shoulder. Symptoms often resolve with simple rest and medication. Only severe cases of Biceps Tendinitis will require surgical intervention by an orthopedic specialist.

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