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Dr. Tatiana Boyko

Hand & Wrist Specialist

Dr. Tatiana Boyko is a board certified surgeon who specializes in hand surgery including arthritis injections and surgery, tendonitis treatment, treatment and surgery of fractures of the hand, wrist and forearm. She diagnoses and treats carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel compression neuropathies. Other common hand conditions that she treats include trigger finger, Dupuytren’s disease, ganglion cysts of the wrist, mucous cysts in the fingers and DeQuervain’s tendonitis, commonly known as “mommy wrist”, among many others.

Dr. Boyko received her bachelor’s degree in Physiological Sciences with a minor in Biomedical Research at UCLA, and graduated medical school with Honors from Ross University School of Medicine. Dr. Boyko then completed her surgical residency at the University at Buffalo. During her training, Dr. Boyko also completed two post-doctoral research fellowships. She studied tissue engineering at Weill Cornell Medical College and investigated skeletal stem cells, bone fracture healing and wound healing at Stanford University. Dr. Boyko then went on to receive an EMBA and is involved in surgical innovation projects.

Dr. Boyko is a hand surgeon who likes to think of herself as a hand doctor who wants to help you with anything that is ailing your hand. Dr. Boyko believes in aligning herself with her patient’s care goals and in providing her patients with education about their condition and available treatments including conservative and surgical options.