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Our mission is to transform the lives of our patients by improving function and mobility to enhance quality of life.

Our vision is to be leaders in orthopedic care where patients want to be treated, physicians want to practice and team members want to build careers.

Core values:

We are Patient Centered.

  • We aim to deliver personalized quality care to every patient.

  • We act in the best interest of our patients.

  • We treat each patient and their family members with compassion, dignity and respect. 

  • We educate, inform, and engage patients to be active participants in their health care.

  • We create a safe environment to ensure the utmost patient care and privacy. 

We are Accountable.

  • We are committed to patients and our clinical outcomes.

  • We practice with integrity and honesty.

  • We always do what is right, even if it is difficult.

  • We deliver on our commitments to each other.

  • We are committed to excellence.

We are Team Focused.

  • We promote and encourage diversity in our team that is representative of the diversity of our society.

  • We treat team members with respect and support.

  • We embrace a collaborative and positive work culture.

We are Innovative.

  • We encourage ideas and practice lifelong learning.

  • We embrace and drive positive change.

  • We are committed to continuously improve through adaptation of new medical technologies and organizational performance and procedures.