Hand & Wrist


Animal bites


Basal Joint Osteoarthritis

Boutonniere Deformity

Boxer’s fracture

Carpal boss

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Congenital thumb duplication

Cubital tunnel syndrome

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

Dupuytren’s Disease

Extensor Tendonitis

Finger amputation care

Finger contracture, bent finger

Finger dislocation

Finger fracture

Finger infection

Finger joint replacement

Finger tumor

Flexor tendon injury

Ganglion cysts

Gout and pseudogout

Hand and wrist tumors

Hand fractures

Hand infection

Hand laceration, finger laceration

Hand pain

Jammed finger

Jersey finger

Kienböck’s disease

Knuckle joint replacement

Mallet finger

Median nerve compression at carpal tunnel

Median nerve compression in forearm

Metacarpal fracture

Metacarpo-phalangeal joint (knuckle) Arthritis

Mucous cysts

Nail bed laceration and injury

Nerve injuries

Neuroma in the hand, neuromas in fingers

Numb hands, numbness in fingers

Olecranon bursitis


Pediatric trigger thumb

Perionychium, nail bed infection


Psoriatic arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

Radial nerve compression

Raynaud’s disease

Slipped extensor tendon, sagittal band rupture

Scaphoid fracture

Scapholunate torn ligament

Skin cancer of the hand and upper extremity

Swan neck deformity

Swollen fingers

TFCC tear (triangular fibrocartilage complex tear)

Thumb arthritis

Thumb sprain

Thumb fracture (broken thumb)

Thumb joint replacement

Trigger finger

Trigger thumb

Ulnar nerve compression

Upper Extremity Joints

Ulnar wrist pain

Vascular tumors of the hand and fingers

Wrist arthritis

Wrist dislocation

Wrist instability

Wrist fracture

Wrist pain

Wrist sprain

Wrist tumors


Amputation revision

Bennett fracture fixation


Bone grafting 

Capitate resurfacing


Carpal tunnel release

Cast treatment

Cortisone injection

Cubital tunnel release

DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis release

Distal radius fracture fixation

DIP joint arthrodesis

Dupuytren fasciectomy

Elbow arthroscopy

Enchondroma excision

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release

Extensor tendon repair

First webspace Z-plasty procedure

Flexor tendon repair

Flexor tendon reconstruction

Foreign body removal

Ganglion cyst excision

Glomus tumor excision

Guyon tunnel release

Metacarpal fracture fixation

MP joint arthroplasty

Mucous cyst excision

Nail bed repair

Nerve repair

Open reduction internal fixation of fractures


Osteotomy for malunion

Percutaneous pinning of fractures

Perilunate fracture discoloration fixation

Phalangeal fracture fixation

Phalangeal rotation deformity correction

PIP joint arthrodesis

PIP joint arthroplasty

PIP joint fracture and dislocation treatment

Proximal row carpectomy

Radial head arthroplasty

Radial head fracture fixation

Radial shortening osteotomy

Radial tunnel decompression

Revision carpal tunnel release

Rolando fracture fixation

Sagittal band reconstruction

Scaphoid fracture fixation

Scapholunate fixation

Skin graft

Soft tissue reconstruction

Syndactyly release

Tendon transfers


Tenosynovitis excision

TFCC debridement

Thumb UCL and RCL reconstruction

Trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition

Trigger finger release

Ulnar shortening osteotomy

WALANT (wide awake local anesthesia no tourniquet) procedures

Wrist arthroscopy

Wrist fracture and dislocation treatment

Wrist arthrodesis

Xiaflex injection