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Slipped Extensor Tendon, Sagittal Band Rupture

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What Is Slipped Extensor Tendon, Sagittal Band Rupture?

Slipped extensor tendon, also referred to as sagittal band rupture, impacts the extensor tendons in the hand, which are responsible for straightening the fingers and thumb. Moreocer, this condition arises when the sagittal bands, crucial for holding the extensor tendons in position, suffer tears or disruptions.

Additionally, trauma or repetitive stress to the hand can trigger this condition, stretching, tearing, or entirely rupturing the sagittal bands. Consequently, the extensor tendons may slip from their usual location, resulting in challenges in extending or straightening the affected finger or thumb.


Furthermore, symptoms of a this rupture may include pain, swelling, weakness, and a noticeable deformity in the affected finger or thumb. Popping or snapping sensation during movement may also occur.

Treatments Options

Treatment for slipped extensor tendon or sagittal band rupture varies based on the injury’s severity. Initially, conservative measures such as splinting or immobilizing the finger, applying ice to reduce swelling, and avoiding activities exacerbating the condition may be advised. However, in certain instances, surgical intervention may be required to repair the torn sagittal bands or reposition the extensor tendons.

Moreocer, it is crucial to seek guidance from a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. They can evaluate the injury’s extent and recommend the most suitable treatment options to facilitate healing and restore normal hand function.


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