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What is a Carpal Boss?

Carpal Boss occurs when a patient has a painful bony bump on the wrist where the fingers meet the arm bones. This condition can also be known as a bossing, or carpometacarpal boss. Ganglion cysts and other conditions may sometimes look similar, so orthopedic specialists urge patients to get a proper diagnosis from a specialist. 

What Causes a Carpal Boss?

Many different conditions can cause this deformity. Abnormal bone development during birth can lead to a condition known as carpal bossing, where certain wrist bones form incorrectly. Similarly, conditions such as arthritis can cause damage to the cartilage in the wrist joint, triggering the growth of bone spurs. These bone spurs can resemble a carpal boss and contribute to the condition. Additionally, repetitive overuse of the wrist, such as through continuous typing or manual labor, can lead to irritation of the cartilage, ultimately resulting in the development of bossing. Furthermore, traumatic impacts to the wrist, such as falls or accidents, can cause bones to break and fuse together in an irregular manner, forming a carpal boss. These various factors underscore the multifaceted nature of carpal bossing and highlight the importance of understanding its different causes and contributing factors.

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