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Scapholunate Torn Ligament

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What Is Scapholunate Torn Ligament?

A scapholunate torn ligament, also referred to as scapholunate ligament injury or SL tear, impacts the ligaments within the wrist. Moreover, the scapholunate ligament, vital for stability, connects the scaphoid and lunate bones.

Additionally, tearing or damaging the scapholunate ligament results in instability and abnormal movement between the scaphoid and lunate bones. Furthermore, trauma or repetitive stress to the wrist, like falls on outstretched hands, commonly cause this condition.

Indications Of Scapholunate Torn Ligament

Symptoms of this condition may comprise wrist pain, swelling, and tenderness. Individuals might experience challenges in gripping objects or engaging in activities necessitating wrist motion. Occasionally, visible deformity or a “clunking” sensation may occur when moving the wrist.

Treatments Options

Diagnosing this condition typically entails conducting a comprehensive physical examination, reviewing the patient’s medical history, and utilizing imaging studies like X-rays or MRI scans. Additionally, treatment options vary depending on the injury’s severity and may encompass conservative measures such as splint or cast immobilization, activity modification, and physical therapy. However, in more severe instances or if conservative treatments prove ineffective, surgical intervention may be necessary to repair or reconstruct the torn ligament.

Due to this, seeking medical attention for a scapholunate torn ligament is crucial, as untreated or inadequately treated injuries can result in long-term complications like wrist instability and arthritis. Moreover, a hand specialist or orthopedic surgeon possesses the expertise to provide an accurate diagnosis and devise an appropriate treatment plan tailored to the individual’s specific condition.

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