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Capsular Plication

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What Is A Capsular Plication?

Capsular plication is a surgical procedure performed to tighten and reinforce the joint capsule of a joint, typically the shoulder or the knee. The joint capsule is a thick, fibrous tissue that surrounds and stabilizes the joint. It consists of ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues.

Capsular plication is commonly performed in cases where there is excessive joint laxity or instability, often resulting from ligamentous injury, recurrent dislocation, or chronic joint instability. The procedure aims to restore stability to the joint by tightening the capsule and reinforcing the supporting structures.

During capsular plication, the surgeon makes small incisions around the joint and accesses the joint capsule. Using sutures or special anchors, the surgeon gathers and folds the capsule tissue, creating pleats or tucks. These pleats reduce the excess laxity of the capsule and tighten the joint.

The specific technique used in capsular plication may vary depending on the joint being treated and the surgeon’s preference. In some cases, the procedure may be performed arthroscopically, utilizing small instruments and a camera inserted through tiny incisions. This minimally invasive approach offers the advantage of reduced scarring, faster recovery, and decreased post-operative pain.

After the capsular plication procedure, rehabilitation and physical therapy are typically recommended to help restore strength, range of motion, and function to the joint. The rehabilitation program may include exercises to improve stability and promote healing of the joint capsule.

As with any surgical procedure, capsular plication carries certain risks and potential complications, such as infection, bleeding, nerve or blood vessel injury, and stiffness. It is important to consult with an orthopedic surgeon to assess the suitability of capsular plication for your specific condition and to discuss the potential risks and benefits involved. The surgeon will evaluate your individual case and determine the most appropriate treatment plan to address your joint instability or laxity.


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