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Inflammation in the Toe Capsule

Foot and Ankle Specialists define Capsulitis as an overuse injury of the toes. It occurs when the ligaments around a toe joint in the ball of the foot. These connective tissues form a protective capsule around the ends of the metatarsal bones, holding the toe joints together. Putting too much pressure on these joints over time can inflame and weaken the joint structures.  Common issues that contribute to Capsulitis include severe bunions, weak arches and an uncommonly long second toe. Further stress can come from strenuous activities or ill fitting shoes that exacerbate the problem.

The second toe has the highest risk of developing capsulitis, though it may still develop in the third or fourth toe as well. The result of capsulitis includes pain in the ball of the foot around the affected joint. Patients report feeling like they have a marble or rock in their shoe when walking. Walking for longer periods of time results in pain. As a progressive condition, damage from capsulitis will continue to get worse the longer it goes untreated.

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