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Cavernoma, a type of vascular malformation characterized by a cluster of abnormal blood vessels in the brain or spinal cord. The treatment for cavernoma depends on the size, location, and symptoms associated with the malformation. In some cases, cavernomas may not require treatment if considered small and not causing any symptoms. However, if symptoms develop, treatment must happen to prevent complications such as bleeding or neurological damage.

Surgical removal of the cavernoma, the most common option treatment for symptomatic cavernomas, and the most highly recommended. However, the location of the cavernoma may make surgical removal difficult or risky. In such cases, radiation therapy or observation comes highly recommended. Medications such as anti-seizure drugs may often come recommended to control seizures associated with cavernomas. It is important to consult with a neurologist or neurosurgeon to determine the best course of treatment for your specific condition and to discuss the potential risks and benefits of each treatment option.


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