What is Coccydynia?

The term “Coccydynia” simply refers to any kind of long lasting pain or discomfort in the tailbone. 

While the colloquial term “tailbone” adequately describes the area at the bottom of the spine, medical professionals know it by the official name, The Coccyx (pronounced Cox-icks). Patients will feel Coccydynia as pain localized to the area that tends to get worse while sitting.

The ultimate symptom of Coccydynia results in pain and tenderness in the area of the bone just above the buttocks, the area most associated with Lumbago.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Dull aches surrounding the area, occasionally interrupted by sharp stabs of pain 
  • Pain that worsens while sitting or standing for long periods of time, or transitioning between the two. 
  • Pain that makes it harder to participate in normal daily occurrences, like driving, bending, or falling asleep

Some patients suffering from Coccydynia will also present with back pain, leg pain and hip pain. If intense low back pain results in loss of bladder or bowel control, or total numbness in the legs, contact a spinal specialist immediately.