What is a Cotton Osteotomy?

Foot and Ankle Specialists perform a Cotton Osteotomy procedure to create an arch in a patient suffering from flat feet, otherwise known as fallen arches. A Cotton Osteotomy will change the shape of the foot, giving it more of an arch to fix the associated issues with flat foot. 

First, Foot and Ankle Specialists cut a space into the medial cuneiform, the small bone just behind the big toe joint. They then insert a wedge into the divided section of bone. The surgeons anchor the wedge with screws, and fill in any cracks with a medical grade bone graft. This wedge and bone graft push the top of the foot outward from the medial cuneiform, giving the foot more of an arch.  

After the surgery, physicians will close up the foot and bandage the patient. Patients must wear a cast for some weeks, until their doctor transitions them into a walking boot and possibly physical therapy.