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What Is An Extensor Tendon Repair?

Extensor tendon repair is a surgical procedure performed to repair a damaged or severed extensor tendon in the hand or fingers. The extensor tendons are responsible for straightening (extending) the fingers and thumb, allowing us to open the hand and perform various activities. Injuries to these tendons can occur due to trauma, lacerations, or overuse injuries.


  • Extensor tendon repair is indicated when an extensor tendon is partially or completely torn or cut, resulting in the loss of the ability to fully extend the affected finger or thumb.
  • The procedure is considered for patients who have significant impairment in hand function due to the extensor tendon injury.


  • The surgery is usually performed under local or regional anesthesia, with or without sedation, depending on the patient’s condition and preferences.
  • During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision over the injured tendon to expose the damaged area.
  • The ends of the torn or cut tendon are carefully identified and reconnected using sutures or surgical techniques to restore the tendon’s continuity.
  • In some cases, additional tissue grafts may be used to reinforce the repair, especially for larger or complex injuries.
  • After the repair, the wound is closed with stitches, and a splint or protective dressing is applied to keep the repaired tendon in a protected position during the initial healing phase.

Recovery and Rehabilitation:

  • The postoperative recovery period is crucial for the success of the tendon repair. Immobilization of the repaired tendon is necessary to allow proper healing for several weeks.
  • Physical therapy and hand rehabilitation are essential components of the recovery process. A therapist will guide the patient through exercises to gradually increase the range of motion and strength of the repaired tendon.
  • The full recovery and return to normal activities may take several months, and the final outcome can vary depending on the extent of the injury and the patient’s commitment to rehabilitation.


  • The success of extensor tendon repair depends on various factors, including the severity of the injury, the timeliness of the surgery, and the patient’s compliance with postoperative care and rehabilitation.
  • With appropriate surgical technique and diligent rehabilitation, many patients can achieve satisfactory functional outcomes and regain full extension of the affected finger or thumb.

It’s essential for individuals with suspected extensor tendon injuries to seek immediate medical attention. Early diagnosis and timely surgical intervention, if needed, can improve the chances of a successful extensor tendon repair and help restore hand function.


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