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What is a Foraminotomy Procedure?

A minimally invasive outpatient procedure, a foraminotomy widens the available room for the nerve and relieve the compression.  Best performed by a fellowship-trained spine surgeon Most surgeons have high success rates with Lumbar decompression, or foraminotomy.

Foraminotomy means surgically widening the of the spinal opening or foramen. Foramen means refers to the openings in the vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes. The Spinal Surgeon exposes the spinal cord at the site of compression and attempts to widen the foramen in the affected vertebra thereby removing any obstructions in the path of the spinal cord.

Neck and back problems can occur due to prolonged rounded posture, long screen hours, falls, accidents, or a disease. If the situation aggravates and one of these factors causes compression of nerves in the spinal column, foraminotomy can be done.

Physicians often employ less techniques to start – such as physical therapy or injections. If a patient elects for surgery, a spinal specialist or neurosurgeon performs foraminotomy as the last resort when conventional methods of physiotherapy and medication fail to mitigate the pain or discomfort.  Most spinal surgeons consider the procedure minimally invasive.

With open procedures, Researchers report high success for open paraspinal foraminotomy between 72% to 83%. Considered as the top standard for surgical treatment of lumbar foraminal or far lateral stenosis, most patients report high satisfaction rates associated with electing for the operation.

Depending on the affected area, the approach for foraminotomy varies. For example, in the neck region, the surgeon might approach the neck anteriorly or posteriorly[1].

Foraminotomy has a high success rate. Patients typically return to work or the quality lives within eight weeks of surgery.  Often times, surgeons prescribe post-surgical physical therapy to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.


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