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What is Impingement?

The hip consists of ball and socket joints that connect the hips to the legs. If the ball and socket of the hip joint fails to fit together perfectly, Orthopedic Hip Specialists call this “Hip Impingement”.

Hip impingement can restrict the motion of the joint, damaging the bones and cartilage over time, leading to pain and arthritis.

Some cases tem from a misshapen ball at the head of the femur that fails to fit the socket. In other cases, the socket will have an uneven edge that fails to properly grasp the ball. Some cases of this condition result from a combination of the two.

Patients suffering from this condition often report groin pain when flexing the hip, when sitting for long periods, or when participating in activities such as running or jumping. Patients with hip impingement will also tend to suffer a reduced range of motion with their legs.

Additionally, some cases of hip impingement will require surgery from an orthopedic hip specialist to prevent further injury.

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