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Hip Surgery Revision

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What Is A Hip Surgery Revision?

Revision hip replacement, also called hip surgery revision, involves surgically replacing a previously implanted artificial hip joint. Factors that could caue this are that the joint has worn out, loosened, or encountered complications. Moreover, this procedure is performed as a follow-up to an initial hip replacement surgery.


Hip Surgery Revision Procedure

The primary objective of this revision serves to address issues associated with a previously implanted hip replacement. Various factors may prompt the need for revision, including wear and tear over time, implant loosening, infection, fractures, dislocation, or implant failure due to defects or other reasons. The specific procedure for revisions depends on the particular reason for revision and the patient’s individual circumstances. Additionally, it typically involves the removal of old components, addressing any issues like infection or bone loss, and implanting new components to restore stability and function.


Rehabilitation and physical therapy play a crucial role of the recovery process following hip surgery revision, akin to the initial hip replacement surgery. Moreover, healthcare providers usually prescribe a structured rehabilitation program to help regain strength, mobility, and function.

Revision Risks

Compared to the initial hip replacement, this revision entails a more intricate procedure and presents potential risks and complications. These can encompass infection, blood clots, damage to blood vessels or nerves, complications related to the implant, and an extended recovery period. Futhermore, the outcome of the revision surgery may also hinge on factors like the patient’s overall health, bone quality, and the existence of any underlying medical conditions.


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