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What is a Jones fracture?

Foot and Ankle Specialists recognize a Jones Fracture as a fracture on the outer side of the foot, on the fifth metatarsal bone (the long bone running down the foot into the pinkie toe).

Jones fractures can occur when patients increase their athletic training, increase the pressure on their feet from gaining weight, or running on an uneven surface. Patients can also fracture the 5th metatarsal during side-to-side movements or while dancing on tiptoes, such as in ballet.

A Jones fracture often occurs towards the end of the bone and can often disrupt blood flow, leading to a longer healing period. Patients with conditions such as Osteoporosis have a higher risk of all types of bone fracture, due to decreased bone density.

Jones Fracture Prevention

To prevent a fracture of the 5th metatarsal, patients should:

  • Wear appropriate shoes for their activities.
  • Use proper technique while training.
  • Avoid running on uneven surfaces.

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