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What is Lordosis?

Lordosis refers to a painful condition that can affect a person’s ability to move. It is most common on the lower back, where internal bends make the buttocks appear larger.

A person with a high degree of lordosis will have a gap between their lower back and a firm area when resting on their backs in a firm position. There is no need to worry if the curve is flexible (or reclining when a person bends forward). Lordosis is corrected if the curvature does not change as the person bends forward, and treatment may be needed.

How do Spine Specialists Treat Lordosis?

A physician may examine the body and examine the patient’s medical history to diagnose lordosis. A medical history will deal with when the curve begins to appear, if it gets worse, and if the value of the curve seems to fluctuate. The patient will be asked to bend forward and look sideways during the examination to determine if the curvature is flexible or aligned, the patient’s range of motion and whether the spine is properly aligned. The doctor may use his hands to feel the spine for any disturbances.

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