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What Is A Nail Bed Repair?

Surgeons perform this procedure to treat injuries or damage to the nail bed, which is the soft tissue located beneath the nail plate. The nail bed plays a crucial role in nail growth and the overall health of the nail. Trauma, crush injuries, lacerations, or infections can cause injuries to the nail bed


  • Injuries to the nail bed can lead to deformities, lacerations, or tissue loss.
  • The procedure aims to restore the nail bed’s normal anatomy, facilitate proper nail growth, and prevent long-term complications.
  • Additionally, the need for nail bed repair may arise in cases of severe infections or when the nail bed becomes detached from the underlying tissue.
  • Furthermore, this procedure may be necessary in instances of extensive crush injuries or when foreign objects have penetrated the nail bed.


  • Careful examination of the nail bed  to remove any damaged or nonviable tissue may occur.
  • Surgeons typically perform the surgery under local anesthesia to numb the affected finger or toe.
  • The surgeon then repairs the nail bed using sutures to close any lacerations or gaps in the tissue.
  • In some cases,  a nail bed splint or bolster may be used to support and protect the nail bed during the healing phase.
  • If part of the nail is missing or severely damaged, a graft may be used to fill the gap.


  • The recovery time varies depending on the extent of the injury and the surgical technique employed.
  • Patients may need to elevate the area and refrain from applying pressure during the initial healing period.
  • Following postoperative instructions provided by the surgeon, including keeping the nail area clean and dry, is essential.


  • Success hinges on various factors, such as the extent of the injury, the surgical technique utilized, and the patient’s adherence to postoperative care.
  • In many cases, nail bed repair yields proper nail growth and function, with minimal long-term complications.

Perform nail bed repair with the expertise of a qualified hand surgeon or an experienced healthcare professional skilled in treating nail injuries to ensure optimal results. As in any surgical procedure, there exist inherent risks. Therefore, patients should engage in a comprehensive discussion with their surgeon regarding the benefits, risks, and potential complications before proceeding.


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