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What is a Tailors Bunion?

A Tailors bunion, sometimes also known as a bunionette, grows at the base of the little toe, the opposite side of the foot compared to a regular bunion. While much less common in comparison to bunions, Tailor’s Bunions present similar symptoms and causes.

The name “Tailor’s Bunion” comes from hundreds of years ago, when most tailors would sit on the ground with their legs crossed, causing their feet to constantly scrub the ground as they worked. Consistent pressure and rubbing on the outer edge of the foot can lead to a painful swelling at the little toe joint, causing tailor’s bunion pain.

What are the symptoms of a Tailors Bunion?

  • Foot Pain
  • Swelling at the little toe joint
  • Redness

What Causes a Tailor’s Bunion?

When the long bones of the foot, the metatarsals, push against the toe joints, they can then protrude outwards, creating a bump on the edge of the foot. Tailor’s bunions occur when this happens on the outer edge of the little toe, creating a bump that’s easily irritated whenever pressed by something like the inside of a shoe.

In some cases, bone spurs on the outer edge of the foot can look deceivingly similar to a Tailor’s Bunion.

Wearing narrow shoes that rub the foot can aggravate the symptoms of a tailor’s bunion.

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