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If you suffer from a severe pain due to a bunion, please Schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists as soon as possible

Foot and Ankle Specialists carry out Tailor’s bunion surgery to relieve the pain caused by a Tailor’s bunion, a bony bump at the base of the little toe on the outside edge of the foot.

During surgery, the surgeon will make a 2-3 cm incision over the lump before removing it. They then cut the bone and reposition it to make the foot narrower, typically held in place by a small screw.

Recovering From a Tailor’s Bunionectomy

After the surgery, patients will find their foot bandaged and numbed, and be sent home with a padded shoe and an assistive device if necessary. They will be advised to do light exercises at home to strengthen the foot and speed up recovery time. As an outpatient procedure, most patients will go home from the hospital with some painkillers the same day as the operation, after setting up a follow-up appointment.

During the first few weeks, your physician will suggest patients rest their foot, keep it elevated, and take the prescribed pain medication.

Follow-up Appointments:

Healing and post-operative strategies tend to vary from person to person. Typically, the postoperative healing schedule follows this pattern:

At two weeks your physician will remove your bandages and examine the foot.

At six weeks the physician will examine the foot again with X-rays to make sure it heals properly.

At 12 weeks the physician will give one final check before fully discharging you.

How Soon Can I Walk After a Tailor’s Bunionectomy?

Your surgeon will advise you about the type of footwear you should use and how quickly you will recover. 

  • Weeks 0-2 will require light activity and partial heel weightbearing with a prescribed short protective walking boot or hospital shoe.

  • Weeks 3-6 will gradually return to normal activity after the doctor has completely removed the bandages and stitches. 
  • After six weeks – you can walk in comfortable fitting shoes.

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