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Disc Replacement

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What Is A Disc Replacement?

Surgeons perform disc replacement, also referred to as total disc replacement or artificial disc replacement, as a surgical procedure. This procedure addresses severe disc-related spinal conditions like degenerative disc disease or herniated discs. Furthermore it involves the surgeon  removing the damaged or diseased intervertebral disc in the spine and replacing it with an artificial disc implant.

During disc replacement surgery, the surgeons make an incisoin in the abdomen or neck, depending on the location of the affected disc. Follwoing the incision, surgeons carefully remove the damaged disc and insert the artificial disc implant into the empty disc space. Engineered to replicate the function and movement of a natural disc the implant thereby enhances the stability and flexibility in the spine.

Disc Replacement Benefits

Disc replacement offers several potential benefits compared to traditional spinal fusion surgery, which involves fusing the adjacent vertebrae together. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Preservation of motion: Disc replacement aims to maintain the natural movement and flexibility of the spine. This also helps reduce stress on adjacent discs and potentially prevent additional degeneration.
  2. Reduced risk of adjacent segment disease: By preserving motion, disc replacement may help lower the risk of degeneration and problems in the discs above and below the treated level.
  3. Faster recovery and rehabilitation: Disc replacement surgery typically involves a shorter recovery period compared to spinal fusion. This allows patients to return to their normal activities sooner.
  4. Improved long-term outcomes: Studies have aslo shown favorable long-term outcomes and patient satisfaction with disc replacement. 

Disc replacement, a specialized procedure, may not suit all patients. Determining eligibility for disc replacement relies on many factors. Some factors incluse the specific spinal condition, the location of the affected disc, the patient’s overall health, and their individual needs and goals. To ascertain if disc replacement is an appropriate treatment option, patients must undergo a thorough evaluation and consultation with a qualified spine specialist.

However, note that disc replacement may not be advisable in cases of severe spinal deformities, significant facet joint arthritis, spinal infections, or certain other conditions. Collaborate with a healthcare professional to decide on disc replacement after a comprehensive evaluation and discussion of potential risks, benefits, and alternatives.


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