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If you’ve suffered pain,inflamation and discomfort from overlapping toes, Schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists as soon as possible.

While not particularly dangerous, overlapping toes can cause significant foot pain.

Patients of any age can have overlapping toes, even newborns. The little toe most commonly suffers the most from overlapping. Causes of overlapping toes can include:

Heredity. Toes can overlap at birth. In most situations, the pinky toe will hang over or under the fourth toe. Parents will usually see the congenital deformity on their own early on in a baby’s life.

Patients can also inherit other genetic conditions that will make them more likely to develop an overlapping toe later on. Someone with Morton’s toe, for example — a genetic condition where the second toe grows longer than the first — may have a higher vulnerability to overlapping toes.

Overpronation. Overlapping toes can develop later in life due to the way that you walk or stand. Foot and Ankle Specialists define Overpronation as when the foot and ankle roll inward while walking, and it can cause the development of overlapping toes.

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